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Everything Puppy: Training, Health and Nutrition
The 24/7 Purina® Puppy Chow® Complete Puppy Care Program

Imagine holding that cute cuddly puppy with the soft, furry coat and eyes that could make anyone melt. Then, this adorable new addition to the family starts eliminating on the carpet, chewing on every shoe in sight and jumping up on any guest that comes through the door. This puppy and his owner are definitely in need of some extra help, extra fast. But where can new owners turn to get immediate answers to their training, nutrition and health questions?

Purina® Puppy Chow® has created an interactive web-based guide dedicated to puppies and their people. The answers to even the toughest puppy questions are right at the owner's fingertips, so they can get 24 hour help in a matter of seconds. This unique on-line experience presents puppy owners with a virtual host who personally guides them through a wealth of informational articles and videos containing tips on how to raise a happy, healthy puppy.

"It's very common for new owners to have anxiety about how to provide the best care for their new puppy," said Dr. Dan Christian, DVM and executive director of the Purina Pet Institute. "However, this program puts them at ease because it not only provides expert advice in a readily available website, but it also sends out monthly e-mails to the owners letting them know what to expect during each stage of their puppy's maturity. This way the owner can be a step ahead of the puppy at all times."

Getting the 411 on Puppy Care

How do puppy owners get started? First, they visit , then click on the "New Puppy" icon where they'll be asked to enter their puppy's name and age. After answering some simple questions about their relationship with their new puppy, the owner will begin receiving timely customized e-mails that coincide with the age of their puppy at a particular point in time. These communications continue throughout puppyhood, with appropriate age-related tips that address a puppy's needs at each stage of its growth. Puppy owners can also log onto the site whenever they need an answer or face a new situation with their puppy.

According to Dr. Christian, one of the top reasons people put off adopting a puppy is the fear that they won't be able to train it properly. Fortunately, the Purina® Puppy Chow® Complete Puppy Care Program eases this apprehension by providing helpful advice on puppy training and nutritional issues in one convenient location. This site allows owners to study articles and actually watch videos that give easy to follow step-by-step training instructions on topics ranging from "how to prevent biting and chewing" to "when is the right age to vaccinate your puppy".

Discovering the Needs of Puppies

About 5 million puppies are born each year in the United States(1) and all require appropriate care to make sure they develop and grow properly. The puppy stage sets the foundation for a dog's whole life. The length of this period can vary -- for large breed dogs (dogs that will weigh 50 lbs or more full grown), the rule of thumb is two years. For all other dogs, one year is the rule.

"Proper training and good nutrition are essential during this impressionable puppy stage," said Dr. Christian. "A dog can develop behavior problems during the first six months of its life that can last a lifetime if left uncorrected."

The Purina® Puppy Chow® Complete Puppy Care Program equips new owners with the training and nutrition knowledge they need to make sure their puppy gets a great start in life.

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SOURCE: Nestle Purina PetCare Company

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