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Hit Reality-Based Cat TV Series, Housecat Housecall®, Returns to Animal Planet With A New Cast of Celebrity Cat Owners and Memorable Housecats
Dancing with the Stars Judge Carrie Ann Inaba Appears In Third Season of Show Presented by Purina® Cat Chow®

The cats are back! Housecat Housecall, one of the first reality-based cat television programs, is returning to Animal Planet for a third season of providing cat-owning families with resolutions for addressing their various cat behavioral concerns. This season, which begins June 5th, features an exciting and diverse group of cat lovers including a legendary Broadway performer, a Major League Baseball manager and producer, choreographer and celebrity television judge, Carrie Ann Inaba, from the hit show Dancing with the Stars.

The television series, which airs on Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. E/P, with encores on Sundays at 8:00 a.m. E/P on Animal Planet, is hosted by popular TV personality and Australian veterinarian Dr. Katrina Warren. Each week, Dr. Katrina visits cat-owning homes, observes the cats in their natural environments and recommends actionable solutions to the owners to help them ultimately live more connected lives with their cats. From dealing with everyday issues like "kitchen counter cruising" to more serious matters like achieving household harmony before a family member leaves for a tour of duty in the military, Housecat Housecall features real cats, real people and a real veterinarian working through a wide range of cat care situations.

"The third season of Housecat Housecall continues our mission of providing cat owners with actionable tips and tools to help them create a well-balanced home life for the whole family, including the cat," said Dr. Katrina Warren. "It is extremely rewarding to watch a family finally realize the true joy of having a cat after we've been able to help them work through all their cat's behavioral challenges."

This season of Housecat Housecall tackles issues revolving around household integration as in the case of Star, a cat trying to adjust to a household dominated by dogs, or Mia and Peaches, two cats in need of coaxing to warm up to the man of the house. Other stories involve a cat named Tuxedo, who has developed inappropriate scratching behaviors, and Taz, a cat who started to act out when his teenage caretaker left for college. In the case of St. Louis Cardinals Manager Tony LaRussa, Dr. Katrina worked side-by-side with him and his family to identify and train "therapy" cats for an animal-assisted therapy program run by ARF, the animal welfare organization founded by LaRussa. And, Dr. Katrina's abilities are put to the test when she visits Carrie Ann Inaba's home and provides the busy professional and owner of five cats with insights on how to successfully juggle a multi-cat household.

"Carrie Ann is a committed cat owner who would do anything to ensure her cats feel like a part of the family," said Dr. Katrina. "Recently, Carrie Ann's three cat household grew to five when her boyfriend moved in with his two cats Zeus and Mia. This poses an interesting challenge because it means several cat personalities in one home, and it also means Carrie Ann and her boyfriend must split their time with the cats in order to provide each one the attention he or she deserves. Her situation is not unlike the one faced by multiple cat owners around the country."

Cats are America's favorite pets, yet they are underrepresented in terms of television programming. Housecat Housecall was developed to fill this void and provide cat owners with a show that would be both entertaining and educational for cat owners. The show recognizes that cats can exhibit various behaviors that add to their unique charm, but when the antics move from endearing to challenging, then it's time to bring in the professionals. Dr. Katrina relies on tried-and-true methods for enabling cat owners to work towards the solution that's best for them in the long-term, and not just the one that will offer the quickest resolution.

For cat owners seeking information about Housecat Housecall, or for those wanting additional cat care guidance beyond the show, they can visit The Web site features an episode guide, cast bios and information for accessing Purina Cat Chow Mentors, cat care specialists who are available to share helpful advice any day of the week, at any time.

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