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Nov 22, 2021

This Thanksgiving, the National Dog Show Presented by Purina is giving pet lovers something extra to celebrate as Purina, NBC and the Kennel Club of Philadelphia mark the 20th anniversary of the...

Nov 17, 2021

When dogs need help, a bark, paw or even a flash of those infamous puppy dog eyes can give their humans an attention-grabbing cue, but new Purina research shows that cats have their own methods...

Oct 26, 2021

BLOOMFIELD, October 26, 2021 – Purina leaders gathered in southeast Missouri to celebrate the completion of a $250 million expansion at the company’s Bloomfield, Missouri, cat litter factory....

Oct 13, 2021

There is a lot to be excited about for this year's Feastivities. Fancy Feast, the most-popular gourmet wet cat food brand in the U.S., has announced the launch of their new holiday items,...


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