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Purina Helping Pets and People in the Path of Hurricane Harvey

Aug 29, 2017

To aid in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Houston and surrounding areas, Purina is making a donation of $25,000 to Greater Good to support people and pets who have been impacted. These funds will help to provide support for immediate rescue efforts, much needed supplies, and rebuilding initiatives for individuals and communities affected by the hurricane. 

In times of need, Purina works with disaster relief partner Rescue Bank, a program of, to deliver Purina pet food, cat litter and FortiFlora, a probiotic supplement that helps reduce symptoms of stress, to pet shelters in the affected areas. Rescue Bank has a reserve of Purina product on-hand, and the organization has already been able to distribute nearly 170,000 pounds of pet food, and 74,000 pounds of cat litter to pet shelters in the area.  Purina will continue to assess the situation and is prepared to send additional product.

In 2016, Purina donated more than 170,000 pounds of pet food and cat litter for disaster relief to 17 organizations across the United States.