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The More You Give, the More You are Capable of Giving

A note from Purina President Nina Leigh Krueger


Purina’s founder, William H. Danforth, once said, “The more you give, the more you are capable of giving.” And it is this wisdom in combination with the ‘family first’ culture that he created 126 years ago that guides our approach to the current crisis we are facing.

On the front lines of giving at Purina are our associates, who are the heartbeat of our company and are working tirelessly to continue to safely manufacture the pet food, treats and litter that help keep millions of pets across the U.S. healthy and happy. Shelves and online carts will continue to be restocked and food bowls and litter boxes refilled because of your selfless dedication. You are essential, and you are making us proud.

Across Purina, we are supporting organizations in the communities where we operate to help our friends and neighbors, and, of course, pets. We will remain steadfast in our commitment to provide pet food, treats and litter to our pet shelter and rescue partners across the country as their needs evolve with this crisis.

But we must and will do more.

We have selected several national nonprofit organizations to support during this crisis, each with initiatives to bring and keep pets and people together at a time when we need each other most.

  • Petfinder Foundation has organized a COVID-19 fund to provide shelters and rescue organizations with financial support to bridge financial gaps and help to keep their operations running to find loving homes for adoptable pets.
  •’s Rescue Bank program is mobilizing resources and building improved infrastructure with FEMA to make pet food and pet care supplies available to pet shelters and pet owners in need.
  • RedRover, our Purple Leash Project partner, is doubling down its efforts to offer emergency grants for domestic violence survivors with pets who are leaving their abusers during this volatile time, and introducing new emergency grants to pet owners who are diagnosed with COVID-19 to ensure their pets are cared for while they recover.
  • Take The Lead is providing services, support and care for people in the sport of purebred dogs whose health is directly impacted by COVID-19.

As this global crisis develops, the helpers are emerging, and Purina is committed to standing tall. We are providing these partners and others with more than they have asked of us, and we ask those who have the means to help to consider giving as well.

I am heartened by the stories of love and hope casting rays of light in an uncertain time in our history. Neighbors are helping neighbors, and pets are wearing many hats as our best friends have now become our home office mates, household entertainers and, of course, our furry therapists.

At Purina, family comes first. Please stay safe and diligent and know that we are in this together.