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Kurt Venator, DVM, PhD

Expertise: Small animal nutrition and veterinary medicine; human-animal bond; Pets at Work; Pet welfare

Kurt and his team of eight veterinarians at Nestlé Purina speak across North America on the topics of small animal nutrition and veterinary medicine. He works closely with all U.S. Veterinary Schools to provide nutrition education and professional development for the veterinarians of tomorrow. His team also works actively with veterinary clinics across the country to advance the role of nutrition in clinical practice and help pets live long, healthy lives. Lastly, he directs the Purina Advisory Council, a 19-member group of world renowned veterinarians from various medical specialties who help us to advance pet nutrition, health and wellness around the globe.

Kurt resides in upstate New York with his wife and children and three yellow Labrador Retrievers. When not working for Purina, spending time with his family, or fly fishing on a winding river, Kurt still finds time to practice medicine.

The inspiration for Kurt’s career in veterinary medicine came from his first dog, Acadia, an overly intelligent and somewhat irreverent yellow Labrador Retriever who hailed from the small town of Luling, Texas. Memories of this special dog continue to fuel Kurt’s lifelong passion for pets of all shapes and sizes. 

Janet Jackson, PhD

Expertise: Nutritional innovations, research and advancements in petcare to promote lifelong health in dogs and cats

Janet is the Vice President of PetCare Nutrition Research at Nestlé Purina PetCare. Janet and her team are responsible for developing nutritional innovations for our products by continuing to build our knowledge to enhance the overall health of our pets so they can live long, healthy and happy lives.

Janet grew up on a farm in North Central Illinois and has had cats and dogs as long as she can remember. Her cats and dogs were always her companions growing up. Lassie was her first dog. However, there have been many dogs and cats in her life that have helped shape her into the person she is today. Janet and her husband currently enjoy the company of five cats.

Janet joined Nestlé Purina in 1990 after receiving her PhD from University of Illinois. Throughout her career in Research and Development, she has focused on making a difference at Purina by striving to gain greater knowledge and understanding of how we can promote lifelong health to keep our pets as an integral part of the family.

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