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FDA Concludes No Safety Issues With Beneful

In response to an April 2015 Freedom of Information Act request, the FDA published results of its extensive investigation into Beneful dry dog food. Unfortunately, some bloggers and social media posters have misinterpreted or misrepresented those findings. In fact, the report confirmed no connection between Beneful and reported pet illnesses.   

Beneful is a safe, high-quality dog food, a fact backed up by independent testing as well as leading veterinarians, the FDA, millions of loyal consumers, and Purina employees who make and feed Beneful to their own pets.  

As a company of pet lovers, our number one commitment is the health and well-being of pets. At Purina, we are proud that Beneful has brought nutrition and happiness to dogs for more than 15 years. 


Posted July 13, 2016