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Purina Elevates Importance of Pet Nutrition Among Veterinarians with Launch of Purina Institute
New resource will enhance veterinary knowledge and understanding of critical role nutrition plays in overall pet health

ST LOUIS, Missouri, Sept. 17, 2018 Purina, a global leader in pet care, announced the launch of the new Purina Institute, the global voice of Purina’s science representing its more than 500 scientists, veterinarians, and pet care experts who are on a mission to advance nutritional science to help pets live longer, healthier lives. By working together with the veterinary community, the Purina Institute seeks to elevate the topic of pet nutrition with veterinarians to drive conversations with pet owners about the important role that scientifically-based nutrition plays in the overall health of their pets.

Research with veterinarians and their clients highlights this need. While 83 percent of pet owners say they completely trust veterinarians to provide helpful information on pet food2, only 22 percent of veterinarians report initiating nutrition conversations with their clients[i].

The Purina Institute will provide veterinarians with science-based, user-friendly facts and information that will support them in their interactions with pet owners. Specifically, the Purina Institute will:

  • Share nutritional discoveries in key areas at the forefront of Purina’s ground-breaking research (e.g., brain health, digestive health, molecular nutrition), while leveraging expertise from Purina and its Nestlé affiliates, who are also making discoveries in human nutrition.

  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and innovation by showcasing objective, fact-based information sourced from the wider scientific community on current trending topics across pet and human nutrition.

  • Collaborate with the global veterinary community and scientific thought leaders by hosting scientific events like the Companion Animal Summit, as well as round tables, panel discussions and webinars at the Institute’s Conference and Education Facility in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.

  • Support global initiatives to help advance the field of veterinary medicine and improve pet health. The Purina Institute is the World Small Animal Veterinary Association’s (WSAVA) first Diamond partner and supports its Animal Wellness and Welfare Committee, Global Nutrition Committee, Hereditary Disease Committee, One Health Committee and One Care initiative. The Purina Institute also supports resident research grants with the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) and European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ECVIM), which help support the advancement of companion animal science.

Purina continues to demonstrate that nutrition is instrumental in promoting everyday health as well as helping to manage chronic conditions in pets, such as epilepsy, diabetes and obesity. The Purina Institute will communicate the latest science behind these and other important areas of pet health.  

“Simply put, we believe that science is more powerful when it’s shared. It has never been more timely to put nutrition at the forefront of conversations veterinarians are having with pet owners,” says Dr. Lizzie Parker, Group Director, Purina Institute. “There is a heightened level of awareness and interest in human nutrition, but in fact, nutrition can potentially play an even more powerful role in promoting our pets’ health.  For nearly a century, our researchers have been dedicated to discovering new scientific breakthroughs, and we are committed to sharing our findings with the scientific community, enabling pets and the people who love them to benefit from this work.”  

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About the Purina Institute

Serving as the global voice of Purina’s science and its more than 500 scientists and pet care experts, the Purina Institute is responsible for sharing the latest scientific findings in companion animal nutrition, with the goal of putting nutrition at the forefront of pet health discussions.