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Charles Melton and Purina ONE Team Up to Inspire Pet Adoptions
First-time pet parent, Charles Melton, and Purina ONE partner to encourage shelter adoptions

ST. LOUIS, July 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Purina ONE® is proud to join forces with actor Charles Melton as he shares insights about his recent life-changing pet adoption journey. The brand and Melton hope his story inspires others to adopt, ultimately reducing the number of pets in shelters looking for forever homes.  

"The moment I saw Neya, it was love at first sight and I couldn't resist taking her home," said Melton. "Shelters are full of pets who have been lost or abandoned, and I'm delighted to partner with Purina ONE to raise awareness of pets, like Neya, who had lived in three different homes with several different owners before finding her forever home with me at 12 weeks old."

As a lifelong dog lover, but first-time pet parent, Melton and his newly adopted Husky, Neya, have experienced firsthand the rewarding impact and special bond that happens when you bring a shelter pet into your home. The two built an unbreakable bond during road trips, camping trips and at-home quality time together.

Purina ONE is dedicated to the lifelong potential of pets and that's why for more than 15 years it has played a major role in the Purina Shelter Champions program. This includes Purina ONE's donation of nearly 6.5 million pounds of dog and cat food, worth more than $10 million, to shelters across the country. Purina ONE is glad to support newly adopted pets, as well as those in shelters waiting patiently for their forever home, with nutrition that can lead to visible differences in health.

"Providing a shelter pet a forever home is a life-changing experience for both the pet and their human. It's important your adopted pet feels safe, supported and loved during their acclimation period, which Charles has clearly done with his new pup, Neya," said Dr. Sandra Lyn, Manager, Global Pet Behavior & Welfare expert at Purina. "It will take patience, and a lot of one-on-one time, but as the dog adjusts to her new surroundings a strong bond will emerge."

Purina ONE is committed to supporting animal shelters, providing optimal nutrition to shelter pets, and spreading awareness of the importance of pet adoption. Melton shares the same passion as Purina ONE and proudly shares his journey with Neya in hopes it encourages others to adopt a dog or cat from a shelter.

"I'm excited to partner with Purina ONE to support shelter pets — something I'm very passionate about. I think it's important to bring visibility to all the pets who deserve a home. Neya has changed my life for the better," said Melton.

To find out more about pets at a nearby animal shelter and adopt a furry friend in need of a forever home, please visit

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